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Skyline Terrace project under way

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

August 31, 2020 was a momentous day as regards our “Skyline Terrace” improvement project! The topographical survey happened, the next tangible step in bringing our Community Challenge Grant process to fruition.

Carolina Green Space is honored to be a recipient of a Community Challenge Granta municipal grant program administered by the City & County of San Francisco, to engage residents in creating green spaces, gathering places, parks and public art for all to enjoy.

Using the topographical survey, the next step will be to refine our proposed design with input from the community. Please take a moment to look over the Final Site Plan for 22nd St end (Skyline Terrace).  We invite you to participate, support and share in the process as we continue to create an enhanced community gathering space at the 22nd Street end of our unique median!

We appreciate both financial support via our donations link, as well as volunteering in a hands-on way to maintain and improve the space.

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