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Landscaping work to begin!

We are happy to share the news that we will finally begin working on improvements to the Skyline Terrace in March 2022. Gardeners Guild Landscaping will be implementing the plans created by Terrain Studios for our Community Challenge Grant. Due to budgetary circumstances beyond our control, and as dictated by this new post-pandemic world, it was necessary to modify our scope of work. We have had to rein back or eliminate some of the elements we’d hoped to include (fewer trees replaced, no seat wall, more mulch, fewer new plants, etc…). Still, we look forward to transforming the area into a spiffier, cohesive community space in the next few months.

The process will involve:

  • removing two trees, pruning others, protecting and fertilizing some of the remaining trees,

  • removing some of the existing plant material, grasses and weeds,

  • salvaging, realigning or resetting the existing concrete pad,

  • protecting the existing Soma Stones (and relocating one of them in the same vicinity),

  • shoring up and improving the rough grades throughout,

  • provide and place imported new fill soil,

  • install steel edging to contain materials,

  • install a new irrigation system with remote control drip valves and tubing,

  • amend the soil,

  • create new permeable decomposed granite (DG) pathways,

  • put in new plants (succulents, grasses, perennials that attract pollinators, replacement trees),

  • add mulch

  • install a sign designating the space as the Carolina Green Space.

Thanks for your support and interest in helping the Skyline Terrace become a reality!

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