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Successful first work day of 2018

We had a very successful clean up day on Saturday 3/24. The weather kindly cooperated, we had a great turnout, and we were able to clear/clean out a nice chunk of vegetation that needed a solid pruning. Photos can be seen here:

Many thanks to SFDPW, SF Parks Alliance, The Clean/Green Team, and the following folks for pitching in, either in person or in the planning of the process: John McC., Sean R., Kristy P., Jamie G., Richard B., Tom S., Meredith G., Andrea D., Inga L., Sara Ashley, Steve C., Katrina H., Kathy P., Mwinyi, and particular thanks to Bradford A. for “hosting” our food and beverages in his garage! Apologies if I’ve left anyone off of the list.

Carolina Green Space work day image
Richard doing a fine job, clearing out the eucalyptus bark detritus!

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